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4 Essential Tips To Make Professional Videos

Whenever you make a video, there are requeriments to make it in a professional way. Being newbie or pro, there are essential elements that can define their quality.

These elements, aren’t only technical. But are also about planning, advertising and even segmentation.

So, Audiolander brings you this list with 10 essential tips to check before going out to your videoshoot.

1.- Make a Plan:

For every project, are always a lot of things that you’ll need to think about to make them right. From choosing the correct gear to know the video’s purpose. For that, you answers questions like:

a) Which is the goal of that video? Are you promoting a new product? What does your corporate client want to tell? What is the marketing’s goal?

b) How’s your audience? Do you know how old are they? What are the trends they like? How is their cultural background?

c) How much do you know about the topic? Did you google it? Did you search examples on youtube?

d) Did you make a storyboard? Did you make a sketch of the video?

e) Did you choose the location? Did you visit it? How are you going to arrive there?

2.- Choose your gear:

For every project, there’s the right gear to choose. From camera to lenses, lighting, accesories, mics, etc. Here’s a little list.

a) Camera: there are various types for every need. Some of them are more maneuverable, some capture more light than others, etc. For that, we recommend you to check this list with the best video cameras in 2022.

b) Lenses: these are very important to think about. Thus, you need to link it with the location. Is a closed place? How much of if you want to show?

c) Lighting: there are 2 types of lights that you’ll need.
– Natural lighting: go outdoors and use it as we all know!
– Studio lighting: for more complex productions. Achievable through reflectors, flashes, etc.

d) Audio: there are 3 types of mics that you have to choose for what you need.
– Condenser mics: used in most cases, specially shotgun mics.
– Dynamic mics: used in close range for a specific sound source.
– Contact mics: used mainly in interviews and conversations.

3) Be relaxed on camera:

In any video, the subject’s attitude is essential to communicate the video’s objective. Being in a comfortable position with a relaxed attitude will increase the effectiveness of the message. Allowing to have better indicators of purchase intent, like conversion, etc.

For that, we recommend to have a nice posture, nice clothes, relaxed shoulders and good oxygenation in front of the camera. Then, speak slowly and modulate.

4) Choose the perfect song:

There are editors that like to choose music before shooting, and others after it. Regardless which are you, there will always be the song you need at Audiolander to inspire yourself!

In conclusion, everytime you make a video, use this checklist to be sure that everything’s on point. Thus, you can be sure that your session will be a success!

[Marketing] Tik Tok Popular Hashtags and Trends

Whenever you want to create your marketing content for Tik Tok, you should never forget these two magic words:

✨Hashtags and Trends✨

To get viral, there are some elements that you must keep in mind. Specially when you are creating promotional content. In this case, there are marketing objectives that can guide our course of action.

In marketing campaigns for Tik Tok, we must go for 3 goals:

  • Impressions: how many times your ad is seen.
  • Display time: how much time your ad is seen.
  • Clicks to link (if needed): how many clicks are made on the link.

Each of these metrics are part of the sale process. Also, as you can see, these 3 goals have different levels of engagement. Because, is much more difficult to get a customer to visit your page than just to see the ad.

A great tool to dive further in this topic is the marketing funnel.

Marketing Funnel

Here, the whole sale process is divided in different stages. It starts with the awarenes of your brand existence, and ends with the sale at the final stage.

As you can see, the funnel represents that a lot of persons enter but only a few buy. So, you must travel all along the process to achieve your commercial goals.

Nevertheless, in this guide we’ll focus only on the first goal, Awareness.

So, we’re looking for boost the amount of views (impressions). After all, that’s what hashtags and trends are made for.

The first thing we should know is what is a hashtag and what is a trend.


We all know what a hastag is. But It can be defined as a word or phrase preceded by the symbol # that classifies the content.

This will allow your content to appear in a category defined by that hashtag. But, to make it work, your content must be consistent with the hashtags you’re using. Otherwise, the algorithm could punish your visualizations.

Using the correct popular hashtags in Tik Tok for your content, will surely boost your impressions.

Some of the most popular hashtags for Tik Tok are:

  1. #fyp
  2. #foryoupage
  3. #tiktokchallenge
  4. #duet
  5. #trending
  6. #comedy
  7. #savagechallenge
  8. #tiktoktrend
  9. #levelup
  10. #featureme
  11. #tiktokfamous
  12. #repost
  13. #viralvideos
  14. #viralpost
  15. #video
  16. #foryou
  17. #slowmo
  18. #new
  19. #funnyvideos
  20. #likeforfollow
  21. #artist
  22. #fitness
  23. #justforfun
  24. #couplegoals
  25. #beautyblogger
  26. #music
  27. #recipe
  28. #DIY
  29. #funny
  30. #relationship
  31. #tiktokcringe
  32. #tiktokdance
  33. #dancer
  34. #dancelove
  35. #dancechallenge
  36. #5mincraft
  37. #workout
  38. #motivation
  39. #lifestyle
  40. #junebugchallenge
  41. #canttouchthis
  42. #fashion
  43. #ootd
  44. #inspirational
  45. #goal
  46. #quotes
  47. #behindthescenes
  48. #weirdpets
  49. #memes
  50. #savagechallenge

As you can see, some of them are too generic, so you can look for more specific hashtags that will allow you to find your niche and be in the top of that category.

Also, make sure to constantly check for new hashtags and trends to keep your content relevant.

Now, we’ll talk about:


Trends can be defined as any common element populary used. It can be a sound, dances, types of content and even video transitions. So, it can be anything that you can imagine.

Here are some examples:

1.- Transitions

Audiolander- Tik Tok Shoe Transition Example

2.- Dances


I may not have @maxtaylorlifts dumpy but I do have a drone.

♬ STAY – The Kid LAROI & Justin Bieber
Audiolander- Tik Tok Stay Dance Example

3.- Life Style

Audiolander – Life Style Tik Tok Example

And many more…

Anyways, Tik Tok is feeded by trends and categorizations made by their own users. So, anytime yo make content for this platform, be sure to categorize it perfectly to get more impressions and achieve your marketing goals.

We encourage you to try these trends a search for the best hashtags out there to make your content go viral and make the best marketing campaign ever!

Besides, we recommend you to use licensed music for your Social Media content. Because, there are some limitations and dangers that you can avoid using royalty free music. Thus, using synchronization licenses you’ll avoid any legal problem creating content, specially when it’s paid.

In our case, Audiolander offers you the best royalty free music with legal protection around all platforms. Besides, we’re commited in having the fastest and the simplest licensing process without fine prints.

For more information about our synchronization licenses, click here.

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Also, check out our cinematic categories here.

We’re Audiolander, your new royalty free music bank made for artists like you.

Audiolander, inspiring artists.

What is a Music Bank (2022)

In the world of filmmaking, cinema and advertising, music is always necessary. Because, every piece is made up of 50% image and 50% sound.

So, without any doubt, music plays a very important role in each piece, just like the image.

However, using music for videos is restricted through copyright laws. It means that, to use someone else’s song, you need the author’s consent. Or, as is usually done, you can pay for the rights of use through synchronization licenses.

Surely, you will ask yourself:

What are sync licenses?

Basically, is the right or consent that the author of a song gives you to use his music. However, this use is restricted to, as its name indicates, synchronizing a video with that song.

Thus, once you obtain the license it’s possible to have legal support to show and distribute the audiovisual content.

In this way, it is possible to avoid legal problems with the owner of the song. Besides, you don’t run the risk that your video be shut down in streaming platforms and Social Network.

These synchronization licenses vary in their legal scope, duration and price.

In other words, the more expensive the license, the bigger its scope and the longer it lasts. Generally, music libraries offer time-limited licenses with a fairly low legal scope. Especially for worldwide advertising, streaming and television campaigns.

An example of this, is comparing between a local student project and a worldwide marketing campaign. Clearly, the legal efforts and resources committed from one example to another vary widely.

This is where music banks come into play.

Music libraries or music banks are basically a Marketplace. Here, artists from all over the world upload their songs to be marketed. Thus, through the sale of licenses for each song, a percentage is shared between both parties. Thus, artists contribute with their piece and the music bank with the promotion, distribution and legal support.

In our case, Audiolander offers perpetual Premium licences worldwide without restrictions. Besides, all our synchronization contracts come without fine print. So you can forget about unnecessary paperwork and tricky contracts.

Also, we offer perpetual Professional and Basic licenses. So you don’t have to pay for extra charges (more details in the hyperlink of each license).

Finally, it’ s important to consider the advantages of using music libraries.

Clearly, time is one of the great advantages of using music banks. Because, in the case of creating the music for your video, it’s necessary to invest more time than when buying a license.

On the other hand, another advantage is the price. Probably, the price range of a composer starts from USD 1,000.

In our case, the value of our licenses ranges from USD 39 to USD 485.

In addition, we have a meticulous selection process. Where we not only evaluate the musical quality of the work, but also the audio, mastering and volume standards of the industry.

So every time you visit Audiolander, you’ll find the highest quality music on the market at a fair price.

In addition, you will save many hours through our license system without fine prints and our fast search engine.

We’re Audiolander, your new royalty free music bank .

Audiolander, inspiring artists.

How to Choose Music For Your Video

As a lot of filmmakers, editors and content creators say, music is the half of any audiovisual piece. This means, that if music the fails, everything does too!

Music plays a crucial role in any video, film, advertisement, etc. Because music is not only meant to follow a video, it’s also an statement as well. It can create new narratives, feelings and ideas that cannot be said by words. Also, it’s a vital resource to get the audience’s attention and a potent vehicle to communicate any message.

Nevertheless, music requires a whole world of techniques to domain its whole potential. Also, it should also not cloud the video. So it must be used with the correct nuances.

This time, Audiolander brings you this guide to choose the perfect song for your video. Also, we’ll show you some references to inspire you.

Let’s get started!

1.- What’s the goal of your Video?

As you know, every scene has its own message that you must communicate. So, your primary message should determinate the execution and the elements present in the scene.

For instance, if you are creating a product activation commercial, its goal should be to be captivating and easy to understand. Thus, you should be able to communicate its atributtes in no more than 5 seconds through a great hook.

So you’ll probably need a catchy song with a short intro and a powerful climax.

In this case, we recommend music from our Cinematic genres like: Action, Adventure, Chase, Epic, Spaguetti Western, between others.

On the other hand, if you need to stir your audience with a progressive visual structure, your song should be as well. Thus, you’ll be able to communicate the message using the right emotional style.

So, you’ll probably need a song with a long intro and an emotional climax.

In this case, we recommend music from our Cinematic genres like: Build, Documentary, Drama, Mystery, Nostalgia, between others.

2.- Which is the tone of your video?

There are different music moods that fits better with certain narration styles.

For instance, if you want to approach to your audience in a formal way, you should look for a song that reflects that type of speech. A great guide for this, is the use of archetypes.

For more information, we recommend you this Audiolander’s article related to the use of Archetypes to choose identify the right narration tone to choose your song.

You can find it here.

3.- Enhance the important moments:

Every visual piece, has its introduction, core and climax. Songs has them too!

So, everytime you musicalize any piece, have in mind the narration structure. This, will allow you to perfectly match music and video and enhance the important moments to communicate your message effectively.

You can easily identify a song’s structure through its wave view. Usually, peaks are the song’s climax and valleys their introduction. Like this:

How to choose music for your video
How to choose music for your video

Thus, it will be easier to match music and video and enhance important parts.

4.- Create contrast between image and music:

Sometimes, the most obvious is not the answer!

Contrast is a very powerful resource that allows you to enhance your message through the opposition of elements. This technique is largely used in advertising and filmmaking.

The best example of music and video opposition ever made, is the Godfather’s III final scene.

In the most dramatic and catartic scene of the saga, Coppola decides to use a calm and mellow classic song. This created one of the most iconic scenes in the cinema’s history. Just watch this masterpiece, no further explanation is needed:

Music and Video Opposition Example -The Godfather III

5.- Use music creatively!

As we always say, we encourage you to experiment and create unique and awesome methods never seen.

Filmmaking is part of an intuitive discipline that requires to constantly test new ways of creation to create master pieces. So we encourage you to keep playing with different techniques to find your own personal touch as a filmmaker.

But there are things that never change, like our music’s quality.

So, whenever you need a song for your video, you’ll always find that perfect song here, in Audiolander.

We’re Audiolander, your new copyright free music bank. Our work is to keep you inspired, so we are commited to have the best music in the market. Also, we offer you the easiest licensing process in the industry.

Audiolander, inspiring artists.

Best Free Premiere Plugins (2022)

If there’s something that can make your life easier… are plugins. Even more when they are free!

This time, Audiolander brings you this selection of the best free Premiere Pro plugins that you’ll need this 2022.

We’re your new music bank focused on having the easiest music licensing process, with no fine prints. Besides, we offer the best search engine to find your favorite sync music efficiently. Find the best licensed music for your perfect soundtrack. Royalty free music perfect for your marketing campaign, youtube, corporate music, advertising, film, TV, and more. For more information visit Audiolander.com

So, without preambles, let’s get started!

1.- Dead Pool Premiere Presets:

Do you like Deadpool, Marvel and action movies? Well, this plugin is for you!

The editorial consultant himself, Jarle Leirpoll, shared us his own camera shake preset that used in every Deadpool’s action scene. All the custom handled presets can be applied onto audio and video clips in real time!

He mapped the movement and rotation of his handled footage and converted into this plugin. So, you can be sure that this movement is absolutely organic and real and it’s not made by AI digitally.

2.- Glitch Presets by Motion Array:

If there’s something that became a must in the industry, is the use of glitch effects. This dynamics created a new standard in advertising, music videos and more. Besides, despite seeming something complicated, in most cases you can apply them by using defined presets.

This plugin allow you to add great glitchy visual effects to any text or video. Like digital noise, color and light dynamics, between others.

These effects are awesome for transitions, titles, logos, etc.

3.- VashiVisuals EQ Presets:

Have you ever been struggling infinite hours trying to fix your audio tracks? Here’s the solution to not only making it sound better, but to add awesome FX to any audio.

This plugin, brings from compression, EQ, and spectrum visuals, to great audio effects. Like radio presets, nasal sound, room ambience, etc.

Use it creatively!

4.- Andy’s Swish Transitions:

Cuts and transitions can be a difficult task to make. Specially when you don’t have the enough timing and blur control.

This plugin, will allow you to have complete control of the time, amount of blur and even specific curves control of your transitions. Thus, you can get great quality results and save a lot of time.

5.- Andy’s Better 3D:

Whenever you use 2D objects like text, corporate logos, images, etc. This plugin will do the trick!

Through the complete rotation, color, transform and even correction control, you can create awesome dynamics for any object. Thus, you will surprise any client through moving a pair of knobs! So, this plugin is perfect for advertising, corporate videos, marketing campaigns, etc.

So, we encourage you to try this awesome free Premiere plugins and tell us what you think about them!

Our job is to keep you inspired, so, whenever you need the best copyright free music in the market, visit audiolander.com

Audiolander, inspiring artists.

Music for Marketing (Royalty Free)

Audiolander brings you this brand new track perfect for music for marketing.

Buy the sync music license for this track here: https://www.audiolander.com/product

As you know, making score music for marketing campaigns is never easy. Choosing the perfect song in any music bank can cost you hours and even days. So, we’ve decided to make a fine selection of our best tracks.

Frederick Thivierge, Audiolander’s artist from Canada, shows his class through this song.

Royalty free music for marketing

In this track, “Kite Night”, you can feel the fresh touch of Thivierge. Through a House music aesthetic, this song gives the elegance that any premium brand needs. On the other hand, polyrithms give that differentiating aspect to highlight your visual piece. We can identify influences that go from a R&B groove to experimental and underground artists. Specially linked to dance music.

This gives you the possibility to enhace the visual effect of your piece and have a distinctive seal through this song. The musical quality of this track, as the mastering process, is carefully curated by Audiolander.

As a High Quality royalty free music, we are commited to have a severe selection process. So, anytime you listen to one of our tracks, you will hear the best quality in the market. Like thousands more tracks, you can buy this royalty free song in Audiolander.com

We’re your new music bank focused in having the easiest payment method with no fine prints. Besides, we offer the best search engine to find your favorite sync music efficiently. Find the best licensed music for your perfect soundtrack.

Royalty free music perfect for your marketing campaign, youtube, corporate music, advertising, film, TV, and more.

To find thousands more tracks like this, enter: https://www.audiolander.com

Audiolander, inspiring artists.

Drone for Video (Tips & Tricks 2022)

Drones are the new technology that is shaking up film, advertising, TV, etc.

Day to day, more and more photographers and filmmakers are using them to enhace their shooting scope. Because, they offer a whole new world of possibilities to shoot video from previosuly imposible perspectives.

In the past, only big budgets could afford this footage. So, drones are the new technology that is transforming video shooting forever.

But… do you know how to use them?

Audiolander, brings you this tips & tricks guide to introduce you to Drone shooting. Some of them can see kind of obvious, but are esencial to keep them always in mind. Specially when you have only 20-30 minutes of battery outdoors!

To use the perfect song for your masterpiece, simply find it at Audiolander.com. Your brand new score music bank. Here you’ll find the best sync music licenses with the easiest payment method without fine prints.

For Drone footage, we recommend using tracks from our Cinematic category. There, you can find genres perfect for this footage like Build, Adventure, Documentary, and more.

So, let’s get started!

1.- Lighting:

Natural light is maybe the most important factor in the equation. As you know, this varies according to the sun’s position. So, consider if your shoot is towards or backwards the sun direction to define your settings. A simple advice is to rotate your drone till you have the best light source or wait until sunset.

2.- Battery:

Until now, Drone batteries have a very limited usage time. So, we recommend you to have a shooting plan to avoid any energy waste and dedicate it only to capture your footage. Also, if you have one, always carry a charged battery just in case.

3.- Laws and regulation:

As we always care about your security, please read what’s permitted and in your state and what’s not. This could certainly save you a lot of problems and your drone’s integrity.

4.- Recording settings:

Always remember that any footage requires it’s specific setting. This means that there’s no better configuration that which the situation needs to get enough visual information. Also, have in mind that it won’t be perfect at the moment, so have patience to post process it at the studio.

Nevertheless, always remember that faster shutter means less blur and more FPS!

5.- Use references:

Before thinking using a drone, there’s always a scene that you can get inspired of. Then, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want to capture. So, always include references in your shooting plan to compare and decide which suits you best.

Here are some ideas and techniques of drone usage:

In conclusion, Drones gave us a whole new world of previosuly impossible perspectives. So, there’s nothing written on how a drone should be used. Thus, we encourage you to keep inspired and experiment and use them in your own way!

Audiolander, inspiring artists. Your new sync music bank with no fineprints.

How to Make ANYTHING React to Music (After Effects 2022)

Technology always has been a source of inspiration for artists. Specially when you can use it by your own.

After Effects offers a huge range of possibilities for producers and filmmakers like you. From animating corporate logos, advertising, and even complex animations for films. So, there will be always new features that you don’t know about yet.

As we wanting you to always keep inspired, Audiolander brings you this trick to make anything react to music or any audio!

This trick, is based in converting your audio track in to a keyframes, in other words, audio amplitude. This, will create a new effect rack that captures the audio motion from both audio channels (Left and Right) to assign it to any source. This, will allow you to automate any video, image, text or whatever is in your mind.

First of all, we need an audio track. It can be any audio file, specially a rythmic song. This will allow you to catch richer dynamics than with flatter song to create your audio amplitude.

To find the song that you need, enter Audiolander. There you can find a huge catalogue of more than 20.000 tracks with rythimc categories like Electronic, Ethnic, Funk, Hip-Hop, Latin, and many other genres that you can find.

After importing your song into After Effects, choose and import your video, image or text file. Now, think in the parameter that you want to automate to react to your audio file. Then, you can adjust the dynamics of the audio amplitude by simply editing that track and creating the groove that you need.

After that, you can tune whatever you need to make your master piece work perfect!

For more information and graphic demonstration, take a look at this tutorial to do it yourself.

If you found this post useful, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for more tips and tutorials!

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