Apple Watch for Video [Tutorial]

Nowadays, technology offers a whole world of possibilities to make your life easier. Specially, in filmmaking and photography, there are a lot of gadgets to enhance your workflow. One of them, is using the Apple Watch for video making.

Using the Apple Watch for video production offers a lot of hidden features to use them in your creative process. Its use, will surely agilize your whole work, specially when creating mobile content.

Also, you can be creative and use it to choose the best moment to make your shooting through knowing weather and light conditions, for example.

On the other hand, it can be very useful to record yourself in front of a camera. Thus, you can trigger the shooting button through the Camera Remote app. Also, you can check all through the previsualization in the app. (More details ahead)

So, this time, Audiolander brings you this fast guide to know how to use the Apple Watch for video and photography creation.

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apple watch video
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Well, back to the tutorial…

Let’s take a look to the Apple Watch’s main features to use it for video making.

1.- Monitoring

Maybe, the greatest perk of using an Apple Watch for video making is this.

apple watch video
Apple Watch for Video Monitoring

By simply using the Apple Watch native camera app, you’ll be able to check everything just looking at your wrist!

This can be very helpful to check shots with tricky angles and even monitoring yourself in front of the camera. Thus, you can see your adjustments for front cameras in real time.

Another great use for this feature, is to know the perfect framing for any video. By simply looking at your Apple Watch, you’ll set anything in the right spot and achieve a better composed shot.

Another great feature is:

2.- Remote Trigger

apple watch video
Remote Trigger Apple Watch

As simple as it sounds, you can trigger the phone’s shutter by simply pressing the Apple Watch’s button.

This can save you a lot of time and enhance your footage quality. Thus, you will avoid blurry photos and loosing your framing every time you press to take a photo or starting a video recording.

Also there are other features that can help you to improve your shooting sessions, like:

3.- Light condition

ligh hour video
Apple Watch Light Condition Interface

There’s no need to tell you how important is to know the natural light condition for your session. So, here, you will be able to see how much light time do you have and even the color temperature that it has.

4.- Weather

Apple Watch Weather Interface

Anytime that you’re recording outdoors, weather is an esencial element to keep in mind. Thus, you won’t have any surprises of an uxpected weather change.

Finally, there are a lot of new accesories that you can use to create a better content and make your shooting sessions a lot easier. So, we recommend you to consider using this tool to keep innovating and keeping you inspired.

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