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Best Free Premiere Plugins (2022)

If there’s something that can make your life easier… are plugins. Even more when they are free!

This time, Audiolander brings you this selection of the best free Premiere Pro plugins that you’ll need this 2022.

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So, without preambles, let’s get started!

1.- Dead Pool Premiere Presets:

Do you like Deadpool, Marvel and action movies? Well, this plugin is for you!

The editorial consultant himself, Jarle Leirpoll, shared us his own camera shake preset that used in every Deadpool’s action scene. All the custom handled presets can be applied onto audio and video clips in real time!

He mapped the movement and rotation of his handled footage and converted into this plugin. So, you can be sure that this movement is absolutely organic and real and it’s not made by AI digitally.

2.- Glitch Presets by Motion Array:

If there’s something that became a must in the industry, is the use of glitch effects. This dynamics created a new standard in advertising, music videos and more. Besides, despite seeming something complicated, in most cases you can apply them by using defined presets.

This plugin allow you to add great glitchy visual effects to any text or video. Like digital noise, color and light dynamics, between others.

These effects are awesome for transitions, titles, logos, etc.

3.- VashiVisuals EQ Presets:

Have you ever been struggling infinite hours trying to fix your audio tracks? Here’s the solution to not only making it sound better, but to add awesome FX to any audio.

This plugin, brings from compression, EQ, and spectrum visuals, to great audio effects. Like radio presets, nasal sound, room ambience, etc.

Use it creatively!

4.- Andy’s Swish Transitions:

Cuts and transitions can be a difficult task to make. Specially when you don’t have the enough timing and blur control.

This plugin, will allow you to have complete control of the time, amount of blur and even specific curves control of your transitions. Thus, you can get great quality results and save a lot of time.

5.- Andy’s Better 3D:

Whenever you use 2D objects like text, corporate logos, images, etc. This plugin will do the trick!

Through the complete rotation, color, transform and even correction control, you can create awesome dynamics for any object. Thus, you will surprise any client through moving a pair of knobs! So, this plugin is perfect for advertising, corporate videos, marketing campaigns, etc.

So, we encourage you to try this awesome free Premiere plugins and tell us what you think about them!

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Los Mejores Plugins Gratis Para After Effects

Si hay algo que te puede hacer la vida más fácil… son los plugins. ¡Especialmente si son gratis!

En esta ocasión, Audiolander te trae esta selección de los mejores plugins gratis de After Effects que necesitarás este 2022.

Así que, para la próxima vez que estés editando ¡úsalos para inspirarte!

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Sin más preámbulo, te invitamos a probar estos plugins gratuitos para After Effects que sin duda te mantendrán inspirado.

Audiolander, inspirando a artistas.

1.- Advanced Selection: Amplía las capacidades de After Effects para seleccionar capas. Además, ofrece una gran cantidad de filtros que puedes elegir.

2.- AE Juice Gif: Exporta GIFs desde After Effects en sólo 1 clic.

3.- Comp Setter: Muestra una paleta con controles para cambiar el tamaño, la relación de aspecto de píxeles, la duración, la velocidad de fotogramas, entre otros.

4.- Displacer Pro: Te permite desplazar con traslación, rotación y escala. Además, ofrece un control de tono, saturación, luminancia, rojo, etc.

5.- SABER: Crea sables de luz, láseres, portales, luces de neón, electricidad, neblina y más. Perfecto para futuristas.

6.- ORB: Trae todo lo que necesitas para crear y editar tu propia orbe.

7.- Reposition Anchor Point: Te permite reposicionar el punto de anclaje de las capas seleccionadas alrededor de los bordes de la capa. Todo esto, mientras mantiene las capas en la misma posición en la ventana de borrador.

¡Te invitamos a probar todos estos plugins esenciales, seguir probando otros y mantenerte inspirado!

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Best Free After Effects Plugins in 2022

If there’s something that can make your life easier… are plugins. Even more when they are free!

This time, Audiolander brings you this selection of the best free After Effects plugins that you’ll need this 2022.

1.- Reposition Anchor Point: allows you to reposition the anchor point of the selected layers around the layer edges. While keeping the layers at the same position in the comp window.

2.- Advanced Selection: Expands the capabilities of After Effects to select layers. It offers a vast amount of filters you can choose.

3.- AE Juice Gif: exports GIFs from After Effects in 1 click.

4.- Comp Setter: Displays a palette with controls for changing the size, pixel aspect ratio, duration, frame rate, and others.

5.- Displacer Pro: displace with translation, rotation & scale. Has hue, saturation, luma, red, etc.

6.- SABER: Create Lightsabers, Lasers, Portals, Neon Lights, Electric, Haze and more.

7.- ORB: brings all you need to create and ponder your orb.

We encourage you to try all this essential plugins and keep on testing others to keep you inspired!

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