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4 Essential Tips To Make Professional Videos

Whenever you make a video, there are requeriments to make it in a professional way. Being newbie or pro, there are essential elements that can define their quality.

These elements, aren’t only technical. But are also about planning, advertising and even segmentation.

So, Audiolander brings you this list with 10 essential tips to check before going out to your videoshoot.

1.- Make a Plan:

For every project, are always a lot of things that you’ll need to think about to make them right. From choosing the correct gear to know the video’s purpose. For that, you answers questions like:

a) Which is the goal of that video? Are you promoting a new product? What does your corporate client want to tell? What is the marketing’s goal?

b) How’s your audience? Do you know how old are they? What are the trends they like? How is their cultural background?

c) How much do you know about the topic? Did you google it? Did you search examples on youtube?

d) Did you make a storyboard? Did you make a sketch of the video?

e) Did you choose the location? Did you visit it? How are you going to arrive there?

2.- Choose your gear:

For every project, there’s the right gear to choose. From camera to lenses, lighting, accesories, mics, etc. Here’s a little list.

a) Camera: there are various types for every need. Some of them are more maneuverable, some capture more light than others, etc. For that, we recommend you to check this list with the best video cameras in 2022.

b) Lenses: these are very important to think about. Thus, you need to link it with the location. Is a closed place? How much of if you want to show?

c) Lighting: there are 2 types of lights that you’ll need.
– Natural lighting: go outdoors and use it as we all know!
– Studio lighting: for more complex productions. Achievable through reflectors, flashes, etc.

d) Audio: there are 3 types of mics that you have to choose for what you need.
– Condenser mics: used in most cases, specially shotgun mics.
– Dynamic mics: used in close range for a specific sound source.
– Contact mics: used mainly in interviews and conversations.

3) Be relaxed on camera:

In any video, the subject’s attitude is essential to communicate the video’s objective. Being in a comfortable position with a relaxed attitude will increase the effectiveness of the message. Allowing to have better indicators of purchase intent, like conversion, etc.

For that, we recommend to have a nice posture, nice clothes, relaxed shoulders and good oxygenation in front of the camera. Then, speak slowly and modulate.

4) Choose the perfect song:

There are editors that like to choose music before shooting, and others after it. Regardless which are you, there will always be the song you need at Audiolander to inspire yourself!

In conclusion, everytime you make a video, use this checklist to be sure that everything’s on point. Thus, you can be sure that your session will be a success!

Music for Videogames (The Best of)

Through the last 30 years, music in videogames has been taking importance progressively. This new form of creation, have developed an enormous complexity.

And, despite being misrecognized, videogame production is an increasingly sophisticated art.

This time, Audiolander brings you our selection of the best music for videogames. And 3 examples that show the importance of it.

Videogames can make you feel things that any other art can. Also, it’s capable of tell any message in a very effective way. Because, it puts you in the protagonist shoes and you can even feel what he feel. Also, today’s experience demands a great level of immersiveness to enjoy that experience.

In this manner, every element that composes each piece takes more importance. Nowadays, is barely impossible to fall in love with a game that doesn’t have an inspiring story. Also, its aesthetic plays such a crucial role that defines your game’s immersiveness.

An essencial element to achieve this, is music in videogames.

A beatiful example of this is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Skyrim – Tavern Ambience

For all of us who are fans of Skyrim, its inexplicable feel of immersion makes it a master piece. It’s remarkable that every inch of Skyrim’s world was carefully created to make you feel part of it. Every ambience, dialogue and music creates a whole world that you can interact with. And you can feel that unique touch in every minute of the game.

Another example of this is one of the most important videogames in history. Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto – Best Songs

This fine curation of music was one of the best hits of this saga. Thus, everytime that you play one of this games, the music makes an unforgettable and unique experience. Even though this music wasn’t made for this game, but works perfectly!

Another videogame example that uses music as an unique seal, is the Doom saga.

Doom 2 (1994) Soundtrack

If you ever played this game, you know what we’re talking about. If you not, we recommend you to hear Doom’s 2 (1994) Soundtrack and compare it with Doom’s (2021) Soundtrack. Have a listen:

Doom (2021) – Sountrack

If you listen closely, the 2020 game’s music has the same aesthetic purpose than the game made back in 1994. Imagine that that Heavy Metal and Industrial Metal sound have accompained this game for more than 25 years! So, nowadays, is impossible to thing about a Doom game without that type of music.

Anyways, music plays a fundamental role in every videogame’s experience and its brand. So, if you’re a videogame creator, editor or even a videogame enjoyer like us, keep an eye on it!

Music is one of the most powerful tools to communicate, create ambience and accompany a videogame experience. So, whenever you want to live a deep experience like videogaming, you’ll need the music that fits best with what you want to say.

Nevertheless, to use someone’s music in your videogame, you’ll need something called Synchronization License.

These licenses are basically the right to use a song given by the author of that piece. Only then, you’ll be able to use that music without risking legal problems due copyright laws infraction.

In our case, Audiolander offers you the best royalty free music in the market. Also, unlike the industry standard, our Synchronization Licenses come with no fine prints and with a perpetual duration. So, instead of wasting days and a lot of extra money in tricky contracts we are commited to make it simple.

More info here.

Thus, you won’t lose your inspiration. After all, that’s our work, to keep you inspired.

To find high quality music for videogames, visit Audiolander.

Audiolander, inspiring artists (like you).

What is a Music Bank (2022)

In the world of filmmaking, cinema and advertising, music is always necessary. Because, every piece is made up of 50% image and 50% sound.

So, without any doubt, music plays a very important role in each piece, just like the image.

However, using music for videos is restricted through copyright laws. It means that, to use someone else’s song, you need the author’s consent. Or, as is usually done, you can pay for the rights of use through synchronization licenses.

Surely, you will ask yourself:

What are sync licenses?

Basically, is the right or consent that the author of a song gives you to use his music. However, this use is restricted to, as its name indicates, synchronizing a video with that song.

Thus, once you obtain the license it’s possible to have legal support to show and distribute the audiovisual content.

In this way, it is possible to avoid legal problems with the owner of the song. Besides, you don’t run the risk that your video be shut down in streaming platforms and Social Network.

These synchronization licenses vary in their legal scope, duration and price.

In other words, the more expensive the license, the bigger its scope and the longer it lasts. Generally, music libraries offer time-limited licenses with a fairly low legal scope. Especially for worldwide advertising, streaming and television campaigns.

An example of this, is comparing between a local student project and a worldwide marketing campaign. Clearly, the legal efforts and resources committed from one example to another vary widely.

This is where music banks come into play.

Music libraries or music banks are basically a Marketplace. Here, artists from all over the world upload their songs to be marketed. Thus, through the sale of licenses for each song, a percentage is shared between both parties. Thus, artists contribute with their piece and the music bank with the promotion, distribution and legal support.

In our case, Audiolander offers perpetual Premium licences worldwide without restrictions. Besides, all our synchronization contracts come without fine print. So you can forget about unnecessary paperwork and tricky contracts.

Also, we offer perpetual Professional and Basic licenses. So you don’t have to pay for extra charges (more details in the hyperlink of each license).

Finally, it’ s important to consider the advantages of using music libraries.

Clearly, time is one of the great advantages of using music banks. Because, in the case of creating the music for your video, it’s necessary to invest more time than when buying a license.

On the other hand, another advantage is the price. Probably, the price range of a composer starts from USD 1,000.

In our case, the value of our licenses ranges from USD 39 to USD 485.

In addition, we have a meticulous selection process. Where we not only evaluate the musical quality of the work, but also the audio, mastering and volume standards of the industry.

So every time you visit Audiolander, you’ll find the highest quality music on the market at a fair price.

In addition, you will save many hours through our license system without fine prints and our fast search engine.

We’re Audiolander, your new royalty free music bank .

Audiolander, inspiring artists.

Best Colour Grading Software (2022)

When it comes to define your touch as a filmmaker, colour gradings can be your best friend or worst enemy.

You can recognize film directors instantly for it. So it is definitely part of your trademark in every piece.

For instance, when we think of David Fincher, we instantly think of something like this:

So, to help you inspire yourself and find your own touch, Audiolander brings you this selection of the best color grading software tools.

Take a look!

1. DaVinci Resolve 17:

  • Enormous range of features.
  • Best for color grading.
  • Improved audio tools.
  • Collaboration across streamlined workspaces.
  • Standard version is free.

2. Magic Bullet Colorista:

  • Guided colour correction for beginners.
  • LUT presets included.
  • Plugin – ready to go.
  • Works seamlessly within Adobe suite.

3. Color Finale:

  • Great Interface.
  • Awesome colour and light curves.
  • 3 way colour wheels
  • High-end grading

4. FilmConvert:

  • Professional standard tools
  • Great range of effects
  • Great interface
  • Nice price/quality

Source: Freelancevideocollective

We encourage you to try these software and share your review with us! Comment below.

To find the best music for your visual piece, find it at Audiolander.

Essential Cuts for Video Editing

When it comes to editing a video, cuts play a massive role.

If you use them wisely, they can bring clarity, brevity and seamlessness. So, mastering this tool can make you a better video editor.

Cuts don’t depend of the software, even if it’s digital or analog. It’s pure cinema!

So, Audiolander brings you this list with essential cuts that any video editor needs to know!

To make this resources work, use the best music, find it at Audiolander.

1.- Jump Cut: is when a single shot is broken with a cut. This makes the subject appears to jump instantly forward in time. This cut, gives the effect of moving forward through time and spaces. Making it essential for advertising and fiction in general.

2.- J-Cut: when the audio of the next scene or shot precedes the image. This gives you an excellent tool to introduce a new scene and make new contrasts. Essential for filmmaking, fiction and non fiction, documentaries, etc.

3.- Cutting on Action: when the subject starts an action in an angle and continues in another. This makes the scene more immersive and giving more context to the action. Ideal for product use advertising, corporate videos that involves manufacturing, tutorials, etc.

4.- Cutaway: cut used to communicate the location or context of the scene. Gives more perspective about details that support the main message of the piece. Essential for corporate videos, lifestyle content, tutorials, etc.

5.- Montage: combines various shots in an extended period of time. Often used for transition. Essential for advertising, corporate videos and social media in general.

6.- Match Cut: links 2 or more shots that have common elements. Powerful tool to support advertising richer using metaphor or comparison. Essential for product advertising, brand storytelling, fiction, corporate videos, etc.

As many editors and directors say: films, advertising and even corporate videos are nothing without music.

Therefore, to make this cuts work, you will need that perfect song… find it at Audiolander.

Selecting Music by Brand Archetypes

At Audiolander, we’re aware of how difficult it can be to speak the marketing language. Specially with your corporate client of the advertising world.

So, we bring you this article related to brand archetypes. Thus, you’ll choose music much faster and in a more efficient way to convince your client. Therefore, what are the brand archetypes?

They are universally recognizable characters types or roles that a brand can embody. There are 12:

1.- The Outlaw: He’s a rule breaker. He’s a renegade, an iconoclast, and a free spirit.

2.- The Magician: Makes your desires come true by creating something unique. Visionary, charismatic, and imaginative.

3.- The Hero: Attempts to make the world a better place. Brave, self-assured, and honorable.

4.- The Lover: Inspires love and creates connection. Passionate, sensual, and personal.

5.- The Jester: Seeks to make the world a warmer and a happier place. Laughter, good sense of humor, and a light-hearted attitude.

6.- The Everyman: Seeks to belong or connect with people. Because he’s normal, supportive and faithful.

7.- The Caregiver: seeks to look after and defend others. Maternal, nurturing, and generous.

8.- The Ruler: Create order out of chaos by controlling it. He’s a manager, a leader, and an administrator.

9.- The Creator: Make something that has meaning and will last. Because he is an entrepreneur, creative, and inventive.

10.- The Innocent: His goal is to be happy. Strives to be good, pure, young and optimistic.

11.- The Sage: Helps the humanity in gaining knowledge and wisdom. He’s well-informed, wise, and reliable source of information.

12.- The Explorer: new experiences provide fulfillment. He’s a restless, daring, and ambitious.

We encorauge you to try which archetype suits best for your or your client’s brand. Because there’s always a way to find the perfect match.

Find your inspiration at audiolander.

Best Free After Effects Plugins in 2022

If there’s something that can make your life easier… are plugins. Even more when they are free!

This time, Audiolander brings you this selection of the best free After Effects plugins that you’ll need this 2022.

1.- Reposition Anchor Point: allows you to reposition the anchor point of the selected layers around the layer edges. While keeping the layers at the same position in the comp window.

2.- Advanced Selection: Expands the capabilities of After Effects to select layers. It offers a vast amount of filters you can choose.

3.- AE Juice Gif: exports GIFs from After Effects in 1 click.

4.- Comp Setter: Displays a palette with controls for changing the size, pixel aspect ratio, duration, frame rate, and others.

5.- Displacer Pro: displace with translation, rotation & scale. Has hue, saturation, luma, red, etc.

6.- SABER: Create Lightsabers, Lasers, Portals, Neon Lights, Electric, Haze and more.

7.- ORB: brings all you need to create and ponder your orb.

We encourage you to try all this essential plugins and keep on testing others to keep you inspired!

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Best Movie Soundtracks Ever

We all now how important is music for every visual production. It can change the whole perspective of the scene and even of the whole script!

That’s why we bring you this massive playlist with the best soundtracks ever… to inspire you to choose the perfect song for your visual piece. Find it at Audiolander.

From Kill Bill to Star Wars, this songs are core parts of their movies. Making us remember the most memorable scenes that can touch you for life.

Some of these are:

Kill Bill, The Lord of the Rings, Pearl Harbor, Amélie, American Beauty, The Last Samurai, Matrix, Requiem For A Dream, Django Unchained, Reservoir Dogs, The Shining, Psycho, Rocky, among others.

Let it play!

The Best Movie Soundtracks Ever

Through this phenomenon, you can define the succes of your film, ad or even the succes of your corporate video! So, if you need inspiration to find that perfect song, let this playlist play untill you find the reference you need.

Then, go to Audiolander and find the perfect match!

Hans Zimmer and Dune, the Oscar-Winning Score Music

Audiolander congratulates the composer of the best score music award of this year, Hans Zimmer!

Would Dune be the same with any other soundtrack? We don’t think so…

This film is one of the examples of the importance and definitive role that music plays in any audiovisual piece. Because sound and music are the 50% of that whole. Music plays a major role in emotion evocation and defines the mood that the piece needs to communicate.

In this case, Dune’s music makes us feel the dystopian future that the story tells. As Zimmer says, this was achieved by the use of technology, but also by the use of the only musical element that will never change: Human Voice.

Evoking what he felt when he saw the Lynch’s version, Zimmer rejected the idea that Sci-fi movies should use Orchestras for their music. He thought that these movies should represent the far future’s context of music made by futuristic instruments (Check here for Audiolander examples). So, using modular synths he found that characteristic outworldly sound that made him win this year’s award.

To know more about this, we bring you this interview about the creation process of Dune’s OST: full video here

Get the best score music for your film, TV Ad or video at Audiolander.com

Types of Ads [Marketing]

We know that staying inspired in the advertising video industry is never easy. Specially especially when time and budgets are tight! So, this time, Audiolander brings you this list with the 10 Types of Ads.

Thus, whenever you feel blocked creating an advertisement, we recommend you to use this guide. This will help you to approach to the ad category that you are looking for.

To do so, we bring you this guide that shows 10 types of ads.

These types of ads are classified by 10 different human needs. All of them, linked to emotions.

This classification is heavily used by marketers and is based in the “Maslow’s Pyramid”.

This theory, locates every human need in different levels. From the most basic to the most complex.

Logically, the most basic is the easiest to appeal. Nevertheless, the most complex often has more impact in the audience.

Here’s a graphic representation of it:

10 types of ads
Maslow’s Pyramid of needs.

Thus, you should link every emotion described in this list with its place in the pyramid. Also, is very important to rank by its complexity.

Also, we linked every ad type with the perfect royalty free music category to use in your next ads!

So, without any other preamble, let’s get started!

1.- Emotive: usually focusing on images rather than information. These advertisements seek to fulfill generate powerful emotions.

2.- Fear: seeks to scare the target audience by describing a serious threat to motivate or engage them.

3.- Endorsement: tries to persuade people by celebrities statements or other well-known people to promote their products.

4.- Sexual: appeals to their sexual fantasies and lust.

5.- Adventure: seeks to make people feel a sense of pleasure, accomplishment, amusement, and adventure.

6.- Popularity: tries to appeal the feeling that many people has tried your product, so others should as well.

7.- Empathy: audience see themselves as a character in the advertising, creating an emotional bond.

8.- Potential: appeals to the expansion of possibilities by using certain product.

9.- Pain solution: appeals through the relief that there’s a problem that you can solve.

10.- Scarcity: appeals to feel compelled to act quickly because supplies are limited or there are so many people looking for it.

We encourage you to combine and create new categories to keep on your creative process!

We’re Audiolander, your new royalty free music bank perfect for advertising, marketing and more. Also, we are commited in having the easiest licensing process without tricky contracts and without fine print.

Also, check out our music for advertising and cinematic categories!

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