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Social Media Music Libraries [Review]

Nowadays, many social media music libraries offer their own copyright free music. Some of them, are the music libraries from Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc.

These music banks, may seem as the final solution for the use of royalty free music and sync licensing. But, the use of this music could be very limited.

Basically, it could risk your whole campaign 😱 Specially if you’re using more than one platform.

More details below!

So, is worth using social media music libraries? Well, not really…

To answer this question, Audiolander brings you this guide about the use of these music libraries. Here, we’ll discuss the things to keep in mind while using this copyright free music.

The first question that you have to make yourself is:

What platforms will my content be on?

This is an essential question that you always have to consider when using music for videos. Specially, to cover the legal aspects of your content to avoid possible copyright problems. In other words, you need to be sure that you have permission to use that song in that platform.

In this case, we’ll talk about using music previously licensed by free music libraries from a specific platform. Like, Youtube, Tik Tok, Instagram, etc.

The problem about this, is that this music can be used only in those platforms. So, it can be a serious problem if your content is streamed in more than that platform. For example, if you use a song from Youtube’s music library, you won’t be able to use it in Facebook. Because, you don’t have the legal permission for doing it. So, you’ll probably need a synchronization license.

Whenever you want to use music for any content, you’ll need a synchronization license. These licenses, can be previosuly covered by a free copyright free music library. Or, you can buy one in your favorite music bank.

For more details about this, we recommend you to check these 2 articles:

This will allow you to be legally covered to use a song for your content in various platforms. Nevertheless, there are different types of licenses that have diverse legal cover ranges (and prices). Because is not the same using a song for a school proyect than in a global advertising campaign! So, you must choose one that covers the platforms involved without paying extra money.

For more details about this, we recommend you to check this article:

In our case, Audiolander offers licenses with legal coverage in all platforms!

It means that, wherever you post the content with that licensed song, it will be protected. Thus, you will save a lot of headaches and will avoid any risk of getting your content demonetized or shutted down.

More info here.

Another issue that you should keep in mind when using music from social media libraries is:

Repetition of the Tracks

In many of our conversations with advertisers and content creators, this is a big problem. Since that music is free, is logical that is used by a lot in all that platform. So, is very usual to hear the same song over and over again.

This affects any brand that wants to differentiate, specially from its category. Therefore, is important to dive further in music libraries to find a song that gives your brand or channel an unique motto. Thus, your content will be more reminded and recognizable.

Audiolander offers a brand new cataloge to find unique songs to differentiate your brand with a high quality sound. Also, we recommend you to check our moods and cinematic catalogue to find the perfect track you need.

Another thing to keep in mind is:

Duration of the license

Generally, there’s a constant update of social media music libraries. Thing that can be good, except, if your content will be exposed for a certain period of time.

This happens because, as there is no contract that defines the duration of the song’s license period, it can change suddenly.

In our case, all Audiolander licenses are perpetual. It means that, when you buy a license of a song, you can use it without getting worried about renovations and tricky terms. Thus, you can keep inspired without loosing extra money.

Anyways, using a social media library can be risky and may bring you some problems that you must avoid. That’s why we recommend you to use royalty free music libraries without risking your whole content.

We’re Audiolander, your new royalty free music bank. Committed in having the easiest and clearest licensing process without tricky contracts and fine print.

Audiolander, inspiring artists.

what is a music bank

What is a Music Bank (2022)

In the world of filmmaking, cinema and advertising, music is always necessary. Because, every piece is made up of 50% image and 50% sound.

So, without any doubt, music plays a very important role in each piece, just like the image.

However, using music for videos is restricted through copyright laws. It means that, to use someone else’s song, you need the author’s consent. Or, as is usually done, you can pay for the rights of use through synchronization licenses.

Surely, you will ask yourself:

What are sync licenses?

Basically, is the right or consent that the author of a song gives you to use his music. However, this use is restricted to, as its name indicates, synchronizing a video with that song.

Thus, once you obtain the license it’s possible to have legal support to show and distribute the audiovisual content.

In this way, it is possible to avoid legal problems with the owner of the song. Besides, you don’t run the risk that your video be shut down in streaming platforms and Social Network.

These synchronization licenses vary in their legal scope, duration and price.

In other words, the more expensive the license, the bigger its scope and the longer it lasts. Generally, music libraries offer time-limited licenses with a fairly low legal scope. Especially for worldwide advertising, streaming and television campaigns.

An example of this, is comparing between a local student project and a worldwide marketing campaign. Clearly, the legal efforts and resources committed from one example to another vary widely.

This is where music banks come into play.

Music libraries or music banks are basically a Marketplace. Here, artists from all over the world upload their songs to be marketed. Thus, through the sale of licenses for each song, a percentage is shared between both parties. Thus, artists contribute with their piece and the music bank with the promotion, distribution and legal support.

In our case, Audiolander offers perpetual Premium licences worldwide without restrictions. Besides, all our synchronization contracts come without fine print. So you can forget about unnecessary paperwork and tricky contracts.

Also, we offer perpetual Professional and Basic licenses. So you don’t have to pay for extra charges (more details in the hyperlink of each license).

Finally, it’ s important to consider the advantages of using music libraries.

Clearly, time is one of the great advantages of using music banks. Because, in the case of creating the music for your video, it’s necessary to invest more time than when buying a license.

On the other hand, another advantage is the price. Probably, the price range of a composer starts from USD 1,000.

In our case, the value of our licenses ranges from USD 39 to USD 485.

In addition, we have a meticulous selection process. Where we not only evaluate the musical quality of the work, but also the audio, mastering and volume standards of the industry.

So every time you visit Audiolander, you’ll find the highest quality music on the market at a fair price.

In addition, you will save many hours through our license system without fine prints and our fast search engine.

We’re Audiolander, your new royalty free music bank .

Audiolander, inspiring artists.