Types of Ads [Marketing]

We know that staying inspired in the advertising video industry is never easy. Specially especially when time and budgets are tight! So, this time, Audiolander brings you this list with the 10 Types of Ads.

Thus, whenever you feel blocked creating an advertisement, we recommend you to use this guide. This will help you to approach to the ad category that you are looking for.

To do so, we bring you this guide that shows 10 types of ads.

These types of ads are classified by 10 different human needs. All of them, linked to emotions.

This classification is heavily used by marketers and is based in the “Maslow’s Pyramid”.

This theory, locates every human need in different levels. From the most basic to the most complex.

Logically, the most basic is the easiest to appeal. Nevertheless, the most complex often has more impact in the audience.

Here’s a graphic representation of it:

10 types of ads
Maslow’s Pyramid of needs.

Thus, you should link every emotion described in this list with its place in the pyramid. Also, is very important to rank by its complexity.

Also, we linked every ad type with the perfect royalty free music category to use in your next ads!

So, without any other preamble, let’s get started!

1.- Emotive: usually focusing on images rather than information. These advertisements seek to fulfill generate powerful emotions.

2.- Fear: seeks to scare the target audience by describing a serious threat to motivate or engage them.

3.- Endorsement: tries to persuade people by celebrities statements or other well-known people to promote their products.

4.- Sexual: appeals to their sexual fantasies and lust.

5.- Adventure: seeks to make people feel a sense of pleasure, accomplishment, amusement, and adventure.

6.- Popularity: tries to appeal the feeling that many people has tried your product, so others should as well.

7.- Empathy: audience see themselves as a character in the advertising, creating an emotional bond.

8.- Potential: appeals to the expansion of possibilities by using certain product.

9.- Pain solution: appeals through the relief that there’s a problem that you can solve.

10.- Scarcity: appeals to feel compelled to act quickly because supplies are limited or there are so many people looking for it.

We encourage you to combine and create new categories to keep on your creative process!

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