What is Music Licensing? Your Fast Guide

Whenever you need to use music for your audiovisual piece, there are some legal requirements that you have to comply. Thus, you can avoid possible legal problems with the music’s right owner.

So, what is the definition of music licensing?

Music licensing corresponds to the use of copyrighted music. This means that, if you want to use someone else’s song, you must obtain a music license. Specifically, if you need to use it for your video piece, you’ll need a Synchronization License.

These licenses vary depending on the intended use (TV Ad, Radio Ad, Film, Short Movie, etc.) and territorial scope (country, worldwide, continent, etc.), and so does, generally, its price. For instance, if you need syncing a song for a film school assignment it will be limited and cheaper than if you need it for a worldwide TV advertising campaign.

So, it’s very important that you check all the details of the licenses that you are buying. Specially, know about their intended use and territorial scope. Thus, you’ll be able to avoid legal problems and buy at the best price without throwing your money away!

To dive further into this topic, Audiolander brings you this Vimeo’s guide that explains all you need to know about licenses in music: Full article here.

Have you ever had legal problems using music? Do you have any doubt about licenses?
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