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Drone for Video (Tips & Tricks 2022)

Drones are the new technology that is shaking up film, advertising, TV, etc.

Day to day, more and more photographers and filmmakers are using them to enhace their shooting scope. Because, they offer a whole new world of possibilities to shoot video from previosuly imposible perspectives.

In the past, only big budgets could afford this footage. So, drones are the new technology that is transforming video shooting forever.

But… do you know how to use them?

Audiolander, brings you this tips & tricks guide to introduce you to Drone shooting. Some of them can see kind of obvious, but are esencial to keep them always in mind. Specially when you have only 20-30 minutes of battery outdoors!

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So, let’s get started!

1.- Lighting:

Natural light is maybe the most important factor in the equation. As you know, this varies according to the sun’s position. So, consider if your shoot is towards or backwards the sun direction to define your settings. A simple advice is to rotate your drone till you have the best light source or wait until sunset.

2.- Battery:

Until now, Drone batteries have a very limited usage time. So, we recommend you to have a shooting plan to avoid any energy waste and dedicate it only to capture your footage. Also, if you have one, always carry a charged battery just in case.

3.- Laws and regulation:

As we always care about your security, please read what’s permitted and in your state and what’s not. This could certainly save you a lot of problems and your drone’s integrity.

4.- Recording settings:

Always remember that any footage requires it’s specific setting. This means that there’s no better configuration that which the situation needs to get enough visual information. Also, have in mind that it won’t be perfect at the moment, so have patience to post process it at the studio.

Nevertheless, always remember that faster shutter means less blur and more FPS!

5.- Use references:

Before thinking using a drone, there’s always a scene that you can get inspired of. Then, you’ll have a clearer idea of what you want to capture. So, always include references in your shooting plan to compare and decide which suits you best.

Here are some ideas and techniques of drone usage:

In conclusion, Drones gave us a whole new world of previosuly impossible perspectives. So, there’s nothing written on how a drone should be used. Thus, we encourage you to keep inspired and experiment and use them in your own way!

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