A bit of Music in the history of Film-Making Industry

It’s common to see people referring the age of no soundtrack movies as “Silent Movies”. But that appellative is far from reality since there was a lot of music, even in those early days, acting as a starring element in the whole movie experience.

An article titled “The Fi Hall of Fame: A Brief History of Film Music” from FilmIndependent put it this way:

“During the silent era, films music is provided by each individual theater, either by phonograph or as performed live by flesh-and-blood musicians. In the later case, either a pianist improvises to the film or a small ensemble of musicians performs a classical piece, in the background, as the film plays. But! Once the ability to synchronize music and sound to celluloid becomes possible in 1929, music quickly becomes an integral aspect of the storytelling process. Suddenly, composers are commissioned by Hollywood to write new material especially for the movies. A new profession is born.”


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