Colors & Music: A long lasting partnership

Music and color inhabit the same world: frequencies and emotions.
Take a look at this article, from Bedtracks called “The Relationship Between Music & Colour | 5 Reasons Why It’s Important”, where you can find valuable information and insights on how to choose music to sync in your next audiovisual production. Here is part of the article:

“Music and colour are similar in the uncanniest of ways. At a fundamental level, both hit us in a powerful, memorable and emotional sense. This connection is overlooked by most, but a shift in perspective will make marrying music to your brand easier, relatable and very creative!

Can you see colour when you hear certain sounds? No? Then you probably aren’t a synesthete. Don’t feel bad, you would fall into the 92.8% of individuals who are just regular old humans. What I am referring to is synesthesia. Simply put, it’s a neurological phenomenon. It’s a phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to an involuntary experience of another sensory pathway.

There are many forms of synesthesia, but one of the most common forms is ‘Chromesthesia’, the ability to see sound as colour. The visualizations are called photisms and are often described as oscillating fireworks that change in hue and direction with sound. Everyday sounds can be a trigger, but synesthetes with an aptitude for musi typically have perfect pitch and the photisms aid in identifying keys or notes.”

Jason Cliffen

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