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As you know, choosing cheerful and happy music for your visual pieces is never easy. Finding the perfect song in any music bank can cost you hours and even days. So, we’ve decided to make a fine selection of our best tracks to keep you inspired.

Leonardo Peluffo, Audiolander’s artist from Argentina, shows his tenderness through this song.

In this track, “Silbando Relax”, you can feel that touch of Peluffo.

Through a soft and sweet melody, this song gives you the softness and happiness that any loose scene needs. This song works perfectly for any product activation that shows the solution for your client through making his life easier. Thus, he will feel the relief that buying your product gives.

On the other hand, that joyfullness and silliness that this song evoques, works perfectly for any relaxing TV scene, Film and many more. Besides, that sweet whistle makes you feel that cheerful feeling of any family or holiday scene that reminds us classic Hollywood movies.

The musical quality of this track, as the mastering process is carefully curated by Audiolander. As a High Quality royalty free music bank, we are commited to have a severe selection process. So, anytime you listen to one of our tracks, you will hear the best quality in the market.

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Audiolander, inspiring artists.

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