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tipos de licencias de sincronización

[Fast Guide] Types of Sync Licenses Fees

So, you need music for your video and you don’t know what type of license you need.

Well, Audiolander will tell you the answer.

This time, we bring you this fast guide to know what sync license you need and which you don’t.

Basically, you have to look for 3 main aspects of the license:
– Type of content
– Regional scope
– License duration.

We will delve into these topics in this guide.

So, let’s get started!

First, you have to ask yourself:

Which type of content am I creating?

There is a whole spectrum of conditions to define the legal range of any license. If you’re creating Youtube content, you’ll need a different license than for filmmaking, for example. The same thing happens for advertising, corporate videos, etc.

Whatever your case is, you have to be sure that the Sync License that you’re buying covers your platform. That’s the essential aspect that you need to cover.

Also, we recommend you to avoid paying excessive prices for platforms that you don’t need. It means that, if you’re going to use music for a web ad, you won’t need a TV advertising license. Generally, both prices are very different.

In our case, we offer all legal scopes you need. Take a look.

The next question that you have to keep in mind is:

Where my content will be distributed?

Is not the same to have a regional license than worldwide. In most cases, this will determine the legal coverage and, specially, the price of the license. So, if your video is going to be shown in more than one country, we recommend a worldwide license. In the opposite case, a regional one will suit you fine.

For online content, is a different story. By definition, online content is worldwide. Nevertheless, it can be paid or not. And that’s an important aspect that you have to cover.

In most cases, basic licenses plans have coverage only for non-paid content and you have to pay extra for paid content. So, keep that in mind.

At Audiolander, all our licenses are worldwide, so you can forget about it.

And, another important question that will surely save you a lot of headaches is:

How long do I need the license to last?

Usually, Sync Licenses are attached to a limited duration time. It means that, in most cases, you have to renew that license after that period of time. Generally, this renovations are anually and you have to pay the license again. And that means a lot of money.

At Audiolander, all our licenses are perpetual. It means that you only pay once. So, you can forget about tricky contracts and possible legal problems.

In conclusion, anytime you need to choose a license for your content, be sure to be protected and, also, pay a fair price for what you really need! Thus, you’ll have more time and resources to keep you inspired and create your masterpiece.

We’re Audiolander, your new music bank focused in having the easiest licensing process with no fine print. Find the best royalty free music for your perfect soundtrack.

Audiolander, inspiring artists.

vangelis best soundtracks

Vangelis, His Best Soundtracks (2022)

Without a doubt, there are Soundtracks that remain in everyone’s head forever. Some, become part of our collective unconscious and are part of our vocabulary.

For example, listen to this:

Vangelis – Chariots of Fire

Surely, the majority of the world’s population have heard this song more than once in their life. And have even used it to refer to something!

So, through Soundtracks and movies as unforgettable as these, it is possible to mark the minds of millions of people.

Another great example of this, is the iconic Blade Runner Soundtrack (1982).

Blade Runner (1982) Soundtrack – Vangelis

Both this Soundtrack and this film, defined a before and after in the history of cinema. Expanding the barriers of what was previously meant by the Sci-Fi genre and cinema in general.

Especially, Vangelis broke the habit of using only symphony orchestras in the film industry. And introduced a futuristic vision that still prevails today.

Therefore, without a doubt, Vangelis defined a change of era in a radical way.

After the creation of the Blader Runner’s Soundtrack, the use of synthesizers and digital instruments was consolidated as part of an important aesthetic. Being a new way of making music for movies, advertising, TV, etc.

However, Vangelis kept the epic and grandiose soul that only cinema together with music can make real.

A great example of this is the soundtrack for Conquest Of Paradise (1992):

Vangelis – Conquest of Paradise

As with Chariots of Fire, this song was not only part of the soundtrack of a movie. It was a vision of that world. This vision ruled the aesthetics of the film industry and audiovisual production for a long period.

Artists like these, deserve to be remembered as managers and protagonists of an era. Therefore, Audiolander dedicates this post to the memory of Evangelos Odysséas Papathanassíou (Vangelis) (1943-2022).

So, to keep you inspired, we bring you this selection of the best works by Vangelis. Which, without a doubt, it can inspire you to find the perfect song for your new visual piece.

Audiolander, inspiring artists.

Best Of – Vangelis